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a bit about me:

Hi! I'm Daniela. I've tamed parrots in the Middle East, straddled turtles in Hawaii (in the name of science!), educated cattle farmers about West Nile Virus in Sacramento, and finally settled in as Senior Manager at a Bio-Tech firm in California, where I've lived for the past 25 years. My professional roles have been incredibly diverse, but a consistent thread throughout my career has been the use of illustration as a creative outlet whether I was in a cubicle, at the beach, or an agricultural expo.

Professionally, I introduce myself as a versatile and creative individual with nearly a decade of experience in communications and managing the development of marketing collateral – turning ideas into reality. Unprofessionally, I enjoy biking, writing, cooking (with a little too much spice), keeping up with the latest app craze, and most importantly, maintaining excellent dental hygiene.

I moved to Germany in 2018 (getting back to my kartoffel-loving roots), and am excited to see what Europe has to offer. I speak German fluently, love actual seasons, and figured the move made sense since Germany has a higher quality of life, lots of board-game enthusiasts (this is the birthplace of Rummikub, after all) and more bike paths.

Having moved to a new country, I'm currently seeking employment in creative and marketing roles (more info below), and am taking on freelance side projects until the right opportunity presents itself. Not to worry, I'm planning on living in Germany long-term. The retirees enjoy themselves forever in this country for a reason.

Contact me if you'd like some design work, help with art direction, or are looking to hire. I would love to hear from you!


I draw...

I knew I had a talent for taking on unique projects when I was asked to design a brochure for the health department focusing on raccoon latrines (it's a real problem in the U.S, ok?). 

Since then, I've drawn glorious hotdogs, ridiculous monsters, pet portraits, scientific posters...the wonderfully bizarre list goes on.


I love the endless variety that comes with graphic design, and hope to continue to occasionally contribute to the artistic ether floating around out there for years to come. 

I write...

Writing for an online publication was the first official paid job I had. I eventually specialized in scientific journalism - focusing on wildlife and environmental technology, while also helping a small computer firm with their social media, and writing a variety of short articles as a blogger (to balance out writing about such titillating topics as solar paneling).

I eventually moved on to a more lucrative career managing a team of creatives to market products for one of the largest Pharmaceutical companies in the world. Writer's block hasn't kicked in yet, though, and I thought it important to note that I can still string words together when it comes to drafting emails, writing product copy, or sending an awkward email about the 'incident' in the break-room to HR. 

I work...(currently looking)

What's your own website without a resume? I've created a page of my accomplishments for your viewing pleasure (if you're into that kind of thing). 

I'm currently looking for full-time career opportunities in Germany focused in marketing, communications, art directing, or design (or all of the above), and am always happy to connect on Linkedin

You can find me under the catchy title of "Senior Project Manager and Creative Guru experienced in digital marketing, communications and design." (It rolls right off the tongue.)

I am confident that I have the technical and management skills required for the right job as well as the intangible qualities-enthusiasm, dedication, passion to learn and keep up to date on current trends, and sense of humor-that characterize your best employees.

Most recently, while working in Bio-Rad’s Marketing Department in North America, my department was responsible for the development and delivery of all company compliant copy and online marketing collateral. This included generating marketing campaigns for product launches, and high-pressure print and web deliveries to align with events such as industry conferences. I've even had to step out of my comfort zone and into a promotional video or two when we were lacking acting talent and had no other volunteers. Working with outside partners, and participating in expos was also a common occurrence, and I have no problems reaching out at industry events.

Long story short, I'm an excellent hire. 

I photograph things...

Just like everyone else with the trending addiction of oversharing online, I also enjoy taking photos of carefully placed (eventually luke-warm) food and random pets. The only difference is I'm usually zooming in on my plate of carefully placed pizza slices with a giant DSLR camera and look ridiculous. No regrets! 


I'm an advanced hobby photographer, but am comfortable with the occasional outing to take casual shots of events, or when a specific project calls for it.

You can check out my instagram in the link below. Most pictures are of landscapes. This much is obvious. But what you don't know, is that I'm being chased by obnoxious geese half the time. 

I've been talked about

Daniela has that rare gift where she is able to get along with everybody. And this, I think, is her strongest asset. She is able to communicate with and understand the many different personalities around her and always finds a way to get things done, in a way that makes everyone happy. She is ready to help, with an abundance of energy."

Gunjan Choudhary, PhD / Bio-Rad MarCom / Science Writer & Editor

Daniela is reliable, computer literate, flexible to work on a variety of projects and meshes well with any team. Daniela has no problem working independently and she still provides our office with high quality graphics remotely when required."

Claudia Erickson / Department of Public Health / Health Educator

She was great with incorporating suggestions and producing updates that incorporated my desires while adding her design expertise."

Christie Chiang / Taroko / Owner

“Holy Guacamole!

I was in a dark, uninspired place but after working with Daniela,

life has meaning again!"


“Each time I ask Daniela for an image related to a specific need she created an imaginative, technically correct image that effectively conveyed information to the public. Daniela's ability and willingness to develop ideas and create images quickly and her willingness to ask for comment and make revisions was very helpful."

Tim Howard / Colorado Health Department / Environmental Specialist

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